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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the holidays are a time for traveling - whether it's to visit relatives or just to get away for a holiday vacation.  and what's worse than when you're traveling to be unprepared for any type of "emergency" you might come across.  have you ever been stuck on a plane that is so cold it's unbearable and you forgot to carry on an extra sweater?  or what about having your phone or tablet die right after take off?  the worst!!  

well to help combat travel emergencies, i've teamed up with RelayRides to share some of my travel must - haves.  RelayRides is the answer to any of your rental car woes - it uses car sharing to help you rent a car from individuals, whether it's for a day, a week or more!  you can sign up to be a renter or you can list your car and earn extra income from renters.  RelayRides also has an awesome airport rental program that's available and a number of airports across the country!  and don't worry, everyone must meet eligibility requirements, whether you're a renter or a lister.  RelayRides seems like a great way to ensure your rental car experience is worry free!

and as far as situations you can't control, take a peak at my travel must - haves below.  pack these things in your next carry on bag and you'll be sure to be ready to fight any unpleasant situation head on! 

travel emergency

my carry on always has the following:
hair ties
neck pillow
healthy snack
empty water bottle
pain killer
travel toothbrush
portable charger
eye mask
moisturizing hand sanitizer

what's on your travel must - haves list?

this post was written in partnership with RelayRides.  all opinions are 100% my own

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