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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

one thing that i love most about southern california is the excessive amount of mexican food and the wonderful tradition that is taco tuesday.  what's better than delicious tacos at a discounted price just because it's tuesday?  it's like - hey! you made it through the first two days of this work week - let's celebrate!  i'm totally okay with celebrating the little things, like tacos, and tuesdays!

yesterday my friend and i ventured to taco asylum at the camp in costa mesa to see what their tacos are all about.  now, the camp is a pretty cool place on it's own.  the CAMP is a green gathering spot offering wellness and personal styling services, unique and purposeful shopping as well as healthy, local and international dining.  it's worth checking out, especially during one of their many special events.  

taco asylum is a cool little spot tucked in a corner at the camp.  it's open layout and modern rustic decor is inviting and casual.  since it was taco tuesday, classic tacos were $3 and they had deals on beer.  their beer selection features some awesome local craft beer, as well as more well known brews. i decided on a carne asada and a fish taco to go with my grapefruit sculpin ipa.  both tacos were delicious, but the fish took the win for me.  i'll definitely be back to explore more of their menu - especially some of their specialty tacos!  

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BKCsquared said...

YUMMM! This place looks amazing!! Definitely giving it a try the next time we're in the OC!

xo, K

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