explore // san diego zoo

Thursday, July 21, 2016

last sunday me and 6 of my closest friends hit the zoo for a day of fun.  it's been about 6 years since i've been to the sd zoo so it's safe to say i was overly excited to spend a day there.  not to mention, they serve beer! what could be better than an ice cold beer on a hot day while you look at super cute animals?  we had such a fun time and i can't wait to go again!  

here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.  it's so crazy to me that these animals are so big and majestic.  my favorites were definitely the elephants and meerkats - opposites, no less!  and did you know, a group of meerkats is called a mob?  might have been my favorite factoid from the day!  

adventure // oc brew hee haw

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

saturday night was one for the books!  my man-friend and i hit up the annual oc brew hee haw at the orange country fair and had the time of our lives.  there were 80 local breweries there handing out samples of at least 2 of their best beers.  it was so much fun talking to local brewers, sampling beers i've never tasted or even heard of before, and getting to spend time at the fair.  we even ended the night with giant corndogs and a couple rounds of carnival games!  all in all, an a+ evening!! 

life lately

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

the past couple months have been quite the whirlwind of fun.  from birthdays and girls nights to stagecoach and celebrating promotions, the wine hasn't stopped flowing and the laughs never cease to stop.  it's been so fun enjoying life with some of my favorite people and i can't wait for all the fun times this summer has in store!  

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