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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've never been into motorcycles or dirt bikes. I've never been to the desert to ride or hang out. I've never been considered a "bro ho". But, I seem to have a never ending attraction to the guys who do. There's just something about a "bro" that makes my eyes light up. Maybe it's their trucks, clothes or attitudes that really get me, I'm not quite sure. I do know that nothing makes me more giddy than a "bad boy" on a dirt bike.

On Friday night, my friend Jade and I, along with my roommate and one of her gfs, went to the Nuclear Cowboyz Supercross show. The minute Jade told me she had got tickets through her work, my heart jumped! Free tickets to watch boys on motorcycles do crazy tricks? Ah yes, please! 

Considering my infatuation with guys on bikes, I have never actually been to a supercross event before. It was so cool to see all the crazy tricks these guys were able to pull off. Back flips, supermans, and all sorts of wild things that I don't know the names of. They had loud music playing and dancers that came out and did some type of warrior thing in between runs. The guys were animated and the crowd would scream and clap when someone pulled off something unusually crazy.

The only downside? $12 beers and $15 parking. Luckily we ate before we went otherwise who knows how big of a hole my wallet would have in it. 


Anonymous said...

I've been to one of these. It's amazing what they can do!! Love the pictures, it looks like you had fun!

CCH said...

oh i looove your headband :)

Gingermommy said...

saw your link on the knitwit :) Now following

Diane said...

I found your link on the THIS FOR THAT LINKY, Im a new follower!

amber d* said...

Ahh fun!! There is just something about a guy on a bike that makes my neck turn real fast. As much as I like looking at a guy on a bike, I'm in fear of riding on one. My old roomie had a crotch rocket and he took me for a ride around the block on my birthday once. He was going like 20 miles and I was screaming at him to slow down, lol

Anonymous said...

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