san diego hospitality @ dick's last resort

Monday, August 22, 2011

Usually when you go to a restaurant you look to your waiter or waitress to be nice, attentive, and friendly to enhance your dining experience.  That's not quite the case at Dick's Last Resort in San Diego.  Here at Dick's, the wait staff is rude, vulgar and in your face - and that's just how it's supposed to be!

The whole concept of Dick's is just that - being a dick.  It's fun, out of the norm, and absolutely hilarious!  They write dirty things on hats and make you wear them, throw napkins on the table, and tell you to cut your own lemons for your water.  Plus, the food is awesome and I've never had a bad dish there.

My brother and I went when he was in town and laughed our way through lunch.  We shared the nachos and those suckers were honestly devoured within 5 minutes, they were delishhhhhh.  My brother also got a pretty big kick out of the hat our waiter made for me - he just knows me so well (ha!)


Michelle said...

HAHA love your hat! Looks like fun! The nachos look delishhhhh!

Bay Park Dream said...

I've lived in San Diego for a few years now and have yet to visit Dick's. I should get on that ;)

Yay for San Diego bloggers, I'm your newest follower :)


Olivia.Dee said...

same as tammy above! i've been in SD for 5 years now and have NEVER been to Dick's. I've always been so nervous. Maybe I should just suck it up!

p.s. little feature with you in it on the blog:

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Hysterical and fun! Love the way you're seeing beautiful! Popping by from ftlob.

Perpetual Blind Date said...

This is so fun! I've never been there but I've heard about it! I'm kind of scared I may be offended though. - Alyssa

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Oh I always wanted to go to one of those places where they treat you badly! That looks like fun. And those nachos look SO GOOD!

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