23 things i've never done

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I saw this post over on Rachel's blog and thought it seemed like a lot of fun so I decided to try to come up with 23 things that I've never done - one for each year of my life!  

I've never ...  
1.   gone skydiving
2.   been to south america
3.   been to a haunted trail / theme park / house
4.   died my hair dark
5.   gotten a professional massage
6.   lived anywhere other than southern cali
7.   gone skinny dipping in the ocean
8.   seen titanic the whole way through
9.   owned a pair of jeans that cost more than $30
10. baked a cake from scratch
11. eaten a whole orange (i only suck out the juice)
12. done a true outfit post on the blog
13. drank and enjoyed straight whiskey on the rocks
14. had my belly button pierced
15. been baptized
16. eaten a shrimp cocktail
17. been in a wedding
18. been scuba diving
19. wiggled my ears
20. gotten my eyebrows waxed
21. spent a nye away from my mom & dad
22. been to niagara falls
23. read a whole harry potter or twilight book


Bloggin in PA said...

Yay! Im so happy I inspired you!!

And gasp! never read Harry Potter? For shame!

brookeiam said...

you've never watched Titanic the whole way through?!?! stop whatever you're doing, go in your room, and watch it!!! :)

Sar said...

If for any reason you read a HP book, read the 1st one. It's not the best one by any means, but you will not appreciate the backstories and witty tidbits. Plus once you read one, you'll fall in love, I'm sure. :)

Also, I hate Titanic. I had nightmares of the dead frozen babies in the water.

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay said...

I have the hardest time doing outfit posts! Haha I can't figure out what to do with my arms and hands and I end up getting all awkward and laughing.. :)

Anyway, I'm in the process of planning a blogger meetup in SD in November. Want to join? :) I just posted about it on my page


Olivia.Dee said...

oh this is great!!! titanic all the way through isn't completely necessary... we all know how it ends! :]

Anonymous said...

you have never seen titanic all of the way through?! Oh man...this needs to be corrected!! :-)

I love this!! Cute idea!

angelica said...

oh my goodness! so many things you've never done! Love this post... and you should definitely try baking a cake from scratch. It tastes so much better and is gratifying in the end.

KY said...

You've never eaten a shrimp cocktail!!!!! AHHHH, go order a small appetizer for me this weekend then, I just developed a shellfish allergy this summer :( xoxoo

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