my dad is famous

Monday, January 30, 2012

saturday night my parents and i headed out to UCI's homecoming / alumni night basketball game.  my dad played basketball for UCI in the late 60's and was one of their star players.  every year they have an alumni night where past players are invited to bring their family to the game.  after the game they do pictures with the former and current players and have an alumni reception.  it's always fun to go to any sporting event with my dad, he and i both share a deep love for sports.  but basketball games are always a little more fun, since he was such a stud on the court back in the day.  

my dad was inducted into UCI's hall of fame a few years ago for all his achievements during his stay at UCI.  after his college basketball career, he went on to play for the Rockets (they used to be in San Diego) for a season before coming back to coach at UCI for a few years.  i'm so proud of my dad and all his accomplishments.  it's so fun to be able to experience such memorable events with him.  
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