tourist tuesdays: punta mita with brit!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hi guys!  thanks for stopping by for another round of tourist tuesdays! today i have one of my good friends (and sorority sisters!) here to talk about her favorite travel spot.  brit is currently living in paris for pastry school - boy am i jealous!  a real tourist, that girl!  but her favorite place is a bit more south, where the coronas and tequila flow and the sunsets are some of the prettiest you'll ever see.


Choosing one favorite travel destination is tough! I love Europe and am currently a year long tourist in Paris, France but I want to take you all down south to my home away from home. The place I am thinking of to keep me warm in this cold and wet Paris weather: Punta Mita, Mexico.

Punta what? It is a small town on the peninsula off the Banderas bay and it is just 40 minutes away from the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta. My family and I have been lucky enough to call this place home for about 5 years now. If you are looking for a vacation destination that will literally make every stress, worry, and thought disappear fromm your mind - Mita is the place! I never feel more relaxed and genuinely blessed than when I am looking at these sunsets. 

Hungry? The food is unreal. Fresh fish and lobster caught that morning end up on your plate bathed in butter and garlic or slathered in delicious vera cruz sauce. Caught a fish on your own? Bring it in to Margarita’s and they will prepare it for you. Beer, margarita's, chips, salsa, ceviche and guacamole are never in shortage and the coffee will make you an addict if you aren’t one already. Some of the city’s best restaurants: Margarita’s, BocaDeli, Si Senors, Tacos y Papas, Sufi’s

Active? Go kayaking (and praise the fact you made it back to land alive), surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, snorkeling, golf one of the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, go for a jog through the greenery, swim with dolphins, watch the whales breaching right in front of your eyes. 

Or just lay on the beach and enjoy the view and your company. 

Day trip? If you have some extra time head into the city of Puerto Vallarta and discover a beautiful, european inspired city. Filled with incredible food, even better views, fun bars, cobblestone streets filled with vendors and artists. Grab a 1 peso beer with a ocean view at the Cheeky Monkey and head to dinner at Barcelona’s to have the most spectacular view of the city. (Make sure to make a reservation!). Another great little town to visit is Sayulita. Just 20 minutes drive from Mita, it is a backpacker’s paradise. A charming little surf town with a huge personality. Make sure to stop in at Burrito Revolution for the best and biggest burrito of your life. Provecho! 


thanks so much for sharing all about punta mita brit!  makes me want to head to mexico right now.  there's nothing i love more than a cold beer, a lobster taco, and the beach!  ahhh summer, won't you hurry up already!?

are you interested in guest posting for tourist tuesdays?  shoot me an email! i'd love to have you.

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Erin said...

Mexico. My heart. Love this post!

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