memorial day

Monday, May 28, 2012

happy memorial day, friends.  i hope your weekend was full of fun and family and friends.  lots of sunshine and bbqs and red, white & blue.  but we can't forget what this holiday is really all about.  i want to take a minute to honor all those who have served our country and who we have lost at war.  your courage and patriotism is beyond honorable and our country would not be the same without you.  thank you for serving.  thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life 
to something bigger than oneself. 
Joseph Campbell 

and a special shout out to this little coastie
i love you trav!  you make me so proud. 
way to go, little brother! 
keep following your big 'ol crazy dreams.


Robyn said...

oh my gosh-that is a super scary job-go your bro!

Georgina said...

Kind of late to the party but I agree completely. God bless him and all of those out there noble enough to see there is something out there so much greater than ourselves.

xo Your newest follower, Georgina

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