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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i don't really have much to write about today.  most of my free time has been spent sleeping to try to get rid of this cold that somehow decided to takeover my body.  but, there are some things that are on my mind, and i thought i'd share them with you all today.

looking forward to:
- my cousins wedding in august & the 2 little ones that are inside her belly that i can't wait to meet
- first friday next week in venice beach with some of my best girls. la, you aren't gunna know what hit you after we show up
- a labor day weekend surprise from my bff.  i'm on pins and needles.
- hopefully finishing my gallery wall in my bedroom.  i'm on the hunt for the perfect prints (that one above just might make the cut)
- my bff kai moving to orange county.  i'm selfishly so happy just because it means more hang out time for us.
- having the next two days off. hallelujah.  

thinking about:
- trying to get my health under control so i can get back to kicking ass and taking names.
- all the fun things that continue pop up for this summer.  my calendar is filling up and i like it.
- where my blog is headed.  i feel like my life isn't exciting enough for people to be excited to read my blog.  but, i guess that's what makes this blog real.  the ups and downs of life.  not always rainbows and unicorns.

lusting over:
- some new summer shades.  maybe a bag or two.  ok, ok, i just really want to go shopping.
- a car wash and detailing.  not having to do it myself would be fabulous
- vacations! i have a bad case of travel fever right now.

wishing for:
- my opportunity for promotion to go smoothly and successfully
- success with my new ventures to take control of my happiness
- the discipline to stick to me new saving plan & financial responsibilities

what's on your mind this wednesday?

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Robyn said...

overdrive-last night of my school production is tomorrow, then driving up country friday after work, running a half marathon on saturday.trying to sell my car and organise my move too.

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