my summer bucket list, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

hi guys. i've been a bit mia the past few days, was feeling under the weather and decided to rest up so i could recover quickly. its a good thing too, because this week sure is a busy one! but, to kick it off, i've put together a summer bucket list of sorts. just some things i wanna do or accomplish in the next two-ish months.

1. save money for my portland, nyc and texas trips
2. go to the del mar fair
3. see a concert in the park
4. visit sd at least once a month
5. go to reggae & beer fest 
6. hit up the beach at least once a week
7. take one day a week for myself, don't overwork 
8. see a country concert (or 2)
9. go to the orange county fair
10. start working out again
11. don't buy any new clothes until i need a smaller size
12. plan a so cal blogger meet up
13. go to a few baseball games
14. host a bbq for friends
15. champagne brucnh. enough said
16. be a tourist in my own city
17. visit the farmers market
18. watch the sunset on the pier with someone special
19. open myself up to new experiences
20. learn to love me for me


Robyn said...

that is a HUGE long is the summer??? I think I will write my bucket list.

Olivia.Dee said...

I'm inviting myself to the BBQ and the brunch! :)

Anonymous said...

I relate to so many of these! I totally need to stop buying clothes unless I can drop a size because it's hard falling in love with something and it not fitting (if you can managed to lose the weight, which I've yet to be successful Love all the outdoorsy ones too :)


Anna said...

Love your list! I'd like to do quite a few of those this Summer too! Especially... champagne brunch. Oh yes!

Treasure Tromp said...

loving that list! Im trying to follow number 7 myself but I'm not very good at it. And get on that so cal blogger meet up :)

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