you may say i'm a dreamer

Thursday, June 28, 2012

have you ever really thought about what your dreams are?  what you hope to accomplish in your life?  the things you want, lust for, long for ... the types of special events you hope happen or the type of feelings you dream about having one day.  

lately, i've found myself thinking about my dreams more.  different things i hope to accomplish and what my ideal career, living location and even significant other might be like.  there's something about dreaming that can make even the toughest days seem a little bit easier.  

sometimes, i try to talk myself out of my own dreams.  tell myself that something like that will never happen or that i'm not on the right path to accomplish that.  it's easy to do.  it's easy to just float along, let things happen in my life instead of making things happen in my life.  right now, i'm in a funny place.  i haven't graduated college but am not taking any classes until the fall, i have a job but it's not one i want to turn into a career, i live at home and am not financially independent yet.  sometimes, i feel like i have so much working against me that i just, in a way, surrender.

but, then there are the times when i just get this sense of strength.  like i want to take over the world.  and that's when i know that i can accomplish everything i dream of accomplishing.  i want to be successful in a crazy career, i want to live in paradise, and i want to have a family of my own.  and you know what?  it's all going to happen, i know it.  maybe not tomorrow, or this year, or even in the next five.  but, it will.  it will because i'm a hard worker, i'm strong, and i'm a dreamer. 

"don't let your dreams, be dreams"
- jack johnson -

Dreams Be Dreams by Jack Johnson on Grooveshark


Rachel said...

yah! Its all going to happen! I dont have a very good comment but just to say I like this! lol

Britt said...

Dreams are what keeps me alive some days. I don't think that people dream enough today or at least share them.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean Kelsey! Honestly since you're not down with school yet, I'd tell you enjoy all the uncertainty and take time to explore all your options. Once you're out of school and the path isn't clearly laid out anymore, it becomes even harder to go back and explore what could've been! Just run with the strength and remind yourself everyday that anything is possible! :)


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