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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

this past weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, but i wouldn't have it any other way.  between a quick trip to the doctor's for a cortisone shot before heading to la for a girls' night, a birthday for my friends' kids, and a crazy eddie money concert, you can bet i was wiped out when i had to make my way into work on sunday afternoon.  

i realized a couple things last weekend.  one - i love my friends.  we have so much fun together and there is never a dull moment.  i mean, we didn't get home until 4am, so obviously we were doing something right.  two - i need a real camera.  this "oh i'll just use my iphone as my camera" thing is kinda getting old.  sure, i get a bunch of pictures, but the quality is just shit more times than not.  i mean, it might not help that we were in a dimly lit bar and were three sheets to the wind, but having some pictures that were worthy enough to share on this here blog would've been nice.  

so, instead of some nice edited pictures from the weekend, here are some fantastic instagram pictures.  because, you know, better these than none at all, right?

beers on the pier with kai before the movie 
500 days of summer on the santa monica pier
the cutest little soccer players you ever did see
this is my best friend, alexa, she's fantastic
eddie money at the coach house, he's still got it
pumpkin cupcakes with dark chocolate espresso nuts
my xray and supplies for a sweet cortisone shot
a pop of color to get my butt in the mood to go to class


Robyn said...

500 days of summer is one of my favourite films ever-just rewatched it recently! the muffin/cupcake looks amazeballs!

Meghan said...

so...i'm new to this whole blog thing--i've been following for probably 6ish months, but never had my own or figured out how to comment until like, last week! anyhow...i'm an east-coast girl, born and rasied, but made my first trip everrrrr to the west coast & LA last weekend. ironic to think that we were both in LA and both at the Santa Monica Pier at the same time(ish)! the city was a ton of fun, and I'm sad I missed 500 days...it's one of my favorite movies! glad you had a fun weekend!!
-Meghan @ AdventuresOfAnInspiredDreamer.wordpress.com

Olivia.Dee said...

yikes... i'm tired from just reading this! busy girl.

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