five fitness goals

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ok you guys, as much as i'm excited about #mycommitment, i'm so nervous for a few of the challenges. some of these are really going to push me out of my comfort zone! the one that i'm most scared of - april. find a race to run and raise money for the cause. you guys - i have never ran a race in my life. i am not a runner. well, i used to be, but i haven't actively worked out since high school!! and since it's been so long, i'm scared of it.  scared because i know that i'm not in shape anymore and that it's going to take me time to get back to where i want to be.  seriously, i'm scared to run.

so not only is this challenge about giving back, it's about my health and my fitness goals that i've set for myself for 2013. i want to be a runner. i want to actively work out. i want to get healthy.  running this race in april is a goal of mine and i'm going to reach it.  i'm nervous and scared that i will fail, but i'm excited to embark on a new fitness routine and healthy lifestyle.  plus, it's about time i got my ass in shape and faced my fears of running.

five fitness goals for 2013:
complete the couch25k challenge
get a gym membership & find classes i enjoy
finish a 5k in april for #mycommitment
run a half marathon 
learn yoga

anyone else setting fitness goals for 2013?  let's keep each other motivated and on target! we can do this!!


caitlin said...

My goal is to run a 5k this spring/summer, too!

Ash said...

oh girl.. c25k is totally on my list! nsdkjhwa;krtbnurhg

let's finally become runners. together.

and yoga.. aaaaaaahhhhhhh you will LOVE it!

Heart my Hart said...

get it girl!

C25K is legit... sooo legit! it definitely helped me get into running.

Tammy and I are running the rock n roll half in June (that might be too soon for you though).

And let me know if you need any motivation! I'm here for you lady! :]

alexiscatherine said...

I'm on week 6 of C25K (for the fourth time). I swear by it. I ran for 25 minutes straight last night which is kind of a big deal for me. Good luck!

Kristin W said...

You are a ROCK STAR! As Olivia will testament, I am OBSESSED with beginning runners! I pretty much did the same thing back in 2011 when I started running (ran in high school via sports but never consistently after). I started semi-from scratch in March 2011 (with couch to I had a little base, but had only been on and off running for about 6 months before) and then I ran my first half in October 2011. Um, and even starting C210k, I could BARELY run for 5 mins. Anyway, please let me know if you need any advice, training plans, etc. I LOVE talking about running and can not even wait to see you progress on this journey!

Sam @ The Ellison Family Expansion Plan said...

Good luck to you! I'm tracking my fitness shiz on my blog, but it doesn't involve running. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate running and my body hates it too. I have gotten all up ons spinning, though, and it's been fantastic.

Ro said...

Get it girrll!!! I have similar goals, but refuse to write them out specifically. I'm taking one month at a time. Yesterday me and my friend did a 5k to get a base pace and we're doing a 5k race in March so hopefully I'm better then than I am now :) Good luck! I'm sure you'll rock it.

PS You should run with Ashley. She needs a running buddy :) I'm kicking her butt on runkeeper.

PPS Are you on runkeeper??? Let's be friends :)

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