tourist tuesdays: big sur with ashley & a giveaway!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

hi guys! i'm so happy to be back with tourist tuesdays and to introduce to you one of my fellow so cal bloggers today, who also happens to be a huge travel fan like me.  and it doesn't hurt that she's absolutely hilarious and beautiful!  plus, she's sharing one of my favorite spots on the west coast with you (which just so happens to be her favorite too!)  we are pretty much soul mates, this girl and i.  and just when you thought it couldn't get any better ... she's giving away ad space too! woo!  

so hurry up and read all about this beautiful california treasure, then enter to win another treasure! 


Hey, Eat Drink & Be a Tourist readers! My name is Ashley and i'm excited to share with you my favorite spot:

yes, that IS a waterfall spilling onto the beach

Big Sur, CA!

I first discovered Big Sur on a road trip with my best friend and then fiance. it was our last spring break together, so we decided to go out in style! we traveled up Pacific Coast Highway the entire time- enjoying the rolling hills and mountains to the east and the great, expansive pacific ocean to the west.

we even found our wedding location, randomly, while stopping to pee (; although, on our wedding day, it was super foggy and the view up the coast was obstructed...

whodathought we'd be back here in 6 months getting married?!

we camped, we hiked, we floated down the freezing cold big sur river... it was a trip for the books, i tell ya. one that always pops into my head around this time of year when it's still just a little cold to venture out in the redwoods, but warm enough to brave the isolation before the summer crowds.

best seat in the house. house = america.

and now that i've shared with you my favorite spot
i'd like to also share what is sure to be your favorite spot:

a sidebar ad on my blog!

i know, you're thrilled.. so enter below, will ya?!


thanks so much for sharing all about big sur, ash!  i'm ready for a road trip up the coast now!  how about we get an old vw van and hit the road?  

and good luck to you all with the giveaway!


Rachel said...

Oh wow it is SO pretty there!!! You make me want to go! I've actually never been to California except for the airport in LA (which doesn't count)but wow this is gorgeous!

Nicole Marie said...

take me there!!

Nicole Marie said...

take me there!!

Natasha Hoover said...

Oh man! What cool photos! My tme in California is limited to a few airplane layovers =(

I'm from the East Coast, though, so I guess that makes sense! Our water just isn't that cool looking, though.

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