the road to arizona

Monday, March 25, 2013

one of the things i was dreading most about our trip to arizona was the drive out there.  it's been a number of year since i have made that drive and i was not looking forward to 6ish hours in the car with my parents.  but, much to my surprise, it was quite enjoyable.  the scenery was beautiful the entire drive once we got past palm springs.  i couldn't believe all the open land and gorgeous views that surrounded both sides of the highway.  it's definitely a drive i wouldn't mind making again.


Treasure Tromp said...

I drove back from AZ today and LOVED it. normally those yellow flowers aren't on the side of the road in the desert but it is currently in bloom. and it is so PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

i would LOVE to visit Arizona someday! From pictures I've seen it just looks absolutely beautiful! I've been out to California, but I want to go back out west to Arizona and Colorado :)

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