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Monday, October 28, 2013

hi guys! today i want to introduce you to my new favorite toy - my hana pro 1" flat iron by misikko. i have naturally wavy hair and hate hate hate taking the time to blow dry it straight after i shower, so i typically just throw it in a braid or bun and go. well, that makes my already wavy hair get a little crazier and there is nothing worse than trying to straighten your hair when its crazy wavy and frizzy with a straightener that takes a few runs through the hair to make any progress. 

but good news! i have found a straightener that helps me tame my wild mane! the hana pro 1" is fantastic and it's safe to say that my old straightener has found a new home under the sink and will most likely stay there for quite a long time. the hana pro is has many great features like advanced tourmaline ceramic plates for accelerated ion generation and maximum frizz-free, conditioning shine. did you know that ceramic is naturally hygienic, protects color & retards fading? score! this flat iron also has floating 1" plates that auto-adjust to glide over any hair texture, curved plate edges for versatile styling, an adjustable temperature dial and heats up in seconds. 

this thing rocks! i've been straightening my hair more than ever now that i have my hana pro. my hair has never looked straighter or shinier! i love that i don't have to blow dry my hair straight before using my flat iron and i love the smaller plate size - it lets me get closer to my scalp and tackle those hard to tackle curls that love to hang out around my face. if you're in need of a new flat iron, i highly recommend the hana pro 1" by misikko!!

the fine print:  i was sent the hana pro 1" flat iron at no cost to review from misikko.  all opinions in this post are 100% mine.

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Ash said...

gorgeous girl and GORGEOUS hair!! totally about rocking straight hair for awhile now.. over the curly shit...

i get to see you sooooonnnnnnn

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