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Thursday, November 7, 2013

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i dont know about you guys, but i'm not really the biggest fan of bugs.  especially bugs that are big, hairy, can fly or can crawl.  yeah, no thanks.  when i was in anza borrego the other week, one of the guys on the trip stuck his foot in his boot and found a scorpian hanging out inside! talk about creepy!  i can't even imagine if that would have happened to me.  i definitely would have "bugged out" about it.  i mean, this scorpian was nasty looking - white and big and just waiting to sting you.  insert heebie jeebies here!  that was definitely an unpleasant experience.

but, much to my surprise, the scorpian didn't make it onto orkin's scariest and deadliest bugs in the world list.  i guess i shouldn't be as freaked by them as some of the bugs that did make the list.  bugs like goliath bird eating spider from south america or the tarantula hawk that lives here in the us.  these guys are just plain scary.  but it's gets scarier!! deadly bugs! assasin bug from africa, black widow spider form the americas and the giant japanese hornet from asia ... you definitely don't want to come face to face with any of these guys.  yikes!

all of these crazy guys are studied and loved by orkin's ecologists.  these bugs are curious little creatures full of unexpected complexity, and that's why orkin created the ecologist: the celebrate the science and uniqueness of bugs.  you can learn so many great facts about these bugs form the orkin ecologist.  you can also learn a lot about these crazy bugs from the ecologists facebook or pinterest pages!

so here's the fun part!! you guys can share your #bugout moments with me and orkin via blog comments, twitter, facebook or other social network sites.  just be sure you use the tag #bugout so you can be included in all the buzzzzzz ;)

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1 comment:

Ash said...

how about i just keep PAYING this damn orkin man to sometimes spray my house so i can still find HUGE (ok.. baby.. but hge to me) spiders in my house..?

how about that orkin FINANCIALIST?! stupid non killing bug killers...

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