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Friday, November 15, 2013


i've always stayed away from posting outfit photos on my blog. actually, i've always tried to stay away from posting full body photos of myself anywhere. i've battled with my weight for years and have always been self conscious about it. but, i'm happy to say that i'm starting to overcome that fear of mine. since learning that i am allergic to gluten and dairy and completely changing my eating habits and lifestyle, i have started to become a new person. i'm happier, have more energy, my skin has cleared up and i feel great. plus, in the past 2 months i've managed to loose 16 pounds! this transformation isn't going to be a quick one, it's going to take a lot of work and discipline, but i'm ready for it. i'm ready to continue on this path on becoming a healthier and happier me. 

happy friday friends! cheers!!


Robyn said...

You look great!

Ash said...

girl! you are so amazing! and you should LOVE this body you have- because THIS is the body that's working it's ass off, THIS is the body that is making changes... and THIS is the body i'll be groping up next friday night...


also.. this outfit is PERFECT!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE, love the matching and mixing of patterns and YOU LOOK GREAT - own it girl :)


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