roadtrippin' fools

Monday, March 10, 2014

the drive from orange county to san francisco is 8 hours of wide open farm land, small gas stations and rest stops, and some of the prettiest views of nothingness you can see in southern california.  when we started our road trip, it was rainy and dreary, but by the time we made it out of bakersfield, it was pretty dang gorgeous.  we had all the essentials for a successful road trip: snacks, good music, and a camera to document it all!!  we rocked out the entire drive and i'm pretty sure i ate my weight in beef jerky and sour patch kids.  


Jenna Griffin said...

Wow, your photos are so pretty! I love the rainbow ones. When I go on road trips, snacks are a MUST HAVE! Looks like you did it right. :)

Chrissy said...

Awesome photos! I also like the make over your blog got! Did you do it yourself? Happy Monday xxx

Olivia Hart said...


Ash said...


when we drove up, we were crazy and took the 1.. because we wanted to stop at our wedding venue and, i mean, its pacific coast highway! that shit took.... 12 hours! but well worth it (:

driving back on the 5 or whatever it is, was SO BORING after seeing the coast.. :P

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