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Friday, May 9, 2014

graduation - it's just around the corner.  i can't tell if i'm sad, nervous, happy, excited, scared, or a combination of all of that and more.  probably the latter of them all.  i can't believe that after 8 long years (yes, 8! holy shit!) i'm finally going to be walking across that stage and getting my diploma.  you best believe i will be fist pumping and bawling my eyes out all at once up on that stage.

my job - i'm so happy with my job right now.  not to toot my own horn (but really, what else is a blog for? ha!) but i'm killing it at work! like, kicking ass and taking names.  moving up that target ladder and making my way to where i want to be.  i can't wait to see where this venture can take me and look forward to all the exciting thing that will hopefully be happening in the next few months.

friends - i think i mention my friends on every single happy list, but hey, when they are as awesome as mine, you just can't help it!  i'm so thankful that my friends will be able to help me celebrate my graduation, even it means driving over an hour to spend a half of day with me.  seriously, they are the best.

my travel bug is being fulfilled -  i have trips to havasu and nashville booked.  trips to palm springs, new york and santa barbara in the works.  i'm so happy to finally be dusting off my suitcase and putting it to good use.  time to rack up those air miles! woo hoo!!

my momma - with mother's day this weekend, i can't forget how happy my mom is making me lately.  she is working so hard to plan my graduation brunch and is supportive and patient when i change my mind a million times, get emotional over how many people can or can't come, and decide i just want to change it all last minute.  i'm definitely a stress case and she's handling it so graciously.  so thanks, mom! you're the best!

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