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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

another one of my favorite places in maui is the downtown lahaina area.  yes, it's filled with tourists at pretty much all times of the day but it's definitely a must see when you're on maui.  there are plenty of unique shops and restaurants to check out but there are a few places you must check out when you are there.  

lahaina luna cafe is a great little walk up cafe with some unique local cuisine and flavors.  their pulled pork sandwich is out of this world and their crispy thai chicken bites are to die for! the casual, order at the window and seat yourself atmosphere is a nice escape from the crowded and overpriced restaurants that are popular in lahaina.  lahaina luna is a great place to grab a quick lunch or dinner - and i promise, you'll be glad you did. 

another spot you gotta hit is right next door to lahaina luna.  ululanis shave ice is a maui staple and is the best shave ice on the island.  they shave the ice right in front of you and have a variety of flavors ranging from your typical cherry and lime to unique ones like tamarind and guava.  plus, you can get ice cream in the bottom or sweet and condensed milk poured on top!  their shave ices are works of art and are definitely just as delicious as they are good looking!

you really can't go wrong in lahaina if you keep an open mind and try places that are more local instead of the few chain restaurants.  a few more favorites include kimos for a nice dinner, cheeseburger in paradise for a great breakfast, and lahaina fish co for a great happy hour mai tai ($4!).

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