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Monday, April 20, 2015

back in february my parents and i escaped to maui for a week for a little family getaway. maui is one of my favorite vacation spots. it holds a lot of memories for me and i'm always excited whenever i can get back to the island. this trip we took it a bit more mellow with a lot of beach time and relaxation. but of course we had to fit some of my favorite to-do's and must - see's in throughout the week, as well as a few new things! and you can bet i had my camera with me the entire trip! 

one of my favorite little towns in maui is paia. it's a small hippie town on the north side of the island just a short drive from the airport. paia reflects its heritage as a unique hawaiian plantation village that originated in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  now, paia has become a laid back town with local businesses and a coexistence between longtime residents and those attracted by the area's windsurfing. the unique blend of shops, boutiques, and restaurants that make up paia has become a destination in its own right, nestled along some of maui’s best beaches and still surrounded by sugar cane.

a must do when in paia is to eat at milagros, a great little restaurant in the heart of the town.  their fish tacos are delicious and one of my favorite things to eat on maui.  plus, they have a great selection of local craft beer and some over the top margarita flavors!  after lunch, you gotta head up the road to hookipa beach, a world famous wind surfing beach.  the beach is gorgeous and it's always fun to watch the surfers catch some big waves!  be advised - it gets windy so leave your hat in the car!

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