29 things to do in my 29th year of life

Monday, April 24, 2017

i turned 29 last month.  29.  i don't really feel much older but i know i am, you know what i mean?  like i keep finding myself thinking about how i can be more of an "adult" and make decisions that will benefit me in the long run.  i'm even instinctively going to bed earlier .... what the heck?  does your body just know that at a certain age it's time to start acting old?  its weird.  part of me likes it and part of me wishes i was still 22 and running around town like there would never be any consequences to acting that way.  ahhhh, the good ol days.  anyways, 29 is off to a good start and i'm actually, secretly, a little excited to be one year closer to 30.  because, you know, being 29 means i'm one year closer to being a responsible adult, and that just comes naturally at 30, right? (please say yes!)  ha!

to celebrate 29, i've put together a list of 29 things i want to do during my 29th year of life.  i'll try to keep the list updated and cross things off as i do them, and of course share some stories along the way!  

let's do this, 29!

1. go camping at the beach
2. pay off my credit cards
3. go to knots berry farm
4. go to a dodgers baseball game
5. join a wine club
6. get a massage
7. go to the snow
8. roast a whole chicken
9. throw a dinner party
10. send a friend a goodie package
11. go to san francisco
12. take more pictures
13. plant a garden
14. drive up the 101 
15. follow my dietary restrictions more closely
16. see family more
17. save 10% of every paycheck
18. get a promotion
19. get a gym membership & use it
20. go to vegas
21. blog more
22. go to the beach more this summer
23. buy a new computer
24. visit seattle
25. fix up the trailer
26. move in with dylan
27. brush up on my spanish
28. take more time for my girlfriends
29. be happy

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BKCsquared said...

Love this, Kelsey! We did a similar one for turning 27 and it helps to have a list of what we want to do to look back on :)

Brooke & Kelcy

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