summer bucket list - an update!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy August!  I can't believe this summer has flown by.  I feel like it just started yesterday and I have had no time to enjoy myself.  With only a month left of summer, I need to really get going on crossing things off my summer bucket list.  Looking back over it, I have barely crossed anything off!  Here's an update of my list and hopefully at the end of this month, all my "to-dos" will be crossed off.

My Summer Bucket List (as of 8/1/11)

1. Host a cocktail and hor d'oeuvres night at my apartment for my girl friends.
2. Meet up with a friend at least once a week for lunch.
3. Find a full time job. (6.7.11 - have 3 jobs which equals a full time job!)  (8.1.11 - no job since I moved home)
4. Take a summer school class.
5. Get back into photography.
6. Go camping.
7. Go to a Padres game and buy the cheap seats & bring dinner.
8. Day trip to LA.
9. Weekend trip to Santa Barbara.
10. Find a class at the gym I love and never miss it.
11. Go for a bike ride on the beach.
12. Clean out my room and get rid of things I don't use / need.
13. Go for a picnic in Balboa Park.
14. Explore the San Diego neighborhoods.
15. Have a movie night full of chick flicks.
16. Learn to cook a new favorite meal.
17. Use my crock pot.
18. Buy a blender and make delicious fresh fruit smoothies.
19. Get a tan.
20. Enjoy being single & minglin'.
21. Visit at least one museum in Balboa Park.
22. See a play or musical.
23. Paint my nails every week.
24. Visit my parents twice a month. (moved home so I see them every day!)
25. Explore a new brewery (or two).
26. Go see a concert. (Doobie Brothers, Young the Giant)
27. Go to the beach and get in the water.
28. Go line dancing at Incahoots.
29. Take a trip to Laguna Beach with my mom and go to the Sawdust Festival.
30. Visit my family in Redlands and Long Beach for a weekend.

How does your summer bucket list look?
What have you crossed off this summer?


Bloggin in PA said...

wow you've done a nice amount of your list so far! I have a 30 before 30 list that I was going to update like this soon! :-)

Katie.Daily said...

Officially love your blog cause of this bucket list. Just found it and love it! I have one but I should totally make one for each month. Good ideaaa!!

Elle Sees said...

Oh I've done like two things in mine! Lol

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