5 reasons why im loving june so far

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1.  ridiculous group messaging with blogger friends that make me smile and laugh.  so thankful for you silly girls. 

2.  getting to see best friends who are in town from nyc and la this weekend.  reunions are the best.  sister friends for life. 

3.  coming to terms with myself and seeking help.  becoming optimistic of my future and learning to love myself more and more each day.

4.  i'm a certified barista!  one more step in my new leadership program.  pretty soon i'll be running this betch.  watch out.

5.  being able to enjoy some sun after work.  i love how late it stays light.  makes getting off at 530 not so terrible when theres 3 hours of light left in the day.  ahhh summer, how i love you so.  

what 5 things are making you love june?  i'd love to know!


Rachel said...

yes I love the sunlight until 8 in the summer! It's nice isnt it? I'm for you getting help and being so optimistic! Good for you! :) Your a barista? Isn't that a coffee bartender at Starbucks? My favorite place!

Rachel said...

sorry that was supposed to say "Im HAPPY for you getting help..."

Brooke said...

Fun! Congrats on the next step to becoming a barista. What I'm loving right now is no more classes!

Tammy @ Lemons, Avocados and the Bay said...

You're becoming a barista?! Go girl, that's awesome! =)

P.S. Let me know when you're ready to spoil me with a vanilla cappucino heh

Anonymous said...

lovely post. number three is especially wonderful :) [Treasure Tromp] 

Kristin W said...

YES PLEASE! Group messaging is the best...especially when there is alcohol involved ;) And super cool about the barista status!

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