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Monday, June 18, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

hi guys! today i want to share an awesome video & fun challenge from kia.  they got two teams to race around LA on a scavenger hunt in a 2012 kia rio 5-door, stopping at all of la's landmark locations & ending up meeting christina milian at the finish line! 

i would have loved to be one of the contestants.  there's nothing i love more than a little scavenger hunt and checking out all the awesome "must see" la hot spots.  all the challenges seemed so unique - answering questions on the merry-go-round or counting the number of palm trees on rodeo drive!  i must say, i think finding a cd in amoeba might be the toughest, they have thousands of cds there!!  and the pinks challenge? can you say yum?? love me a good pinks hot dog!  

more than anything, i think it's awesome how the kia rio can do almost anything with the new UVO Technology.  theres bluetooth, a rear camera, a usb jack and more.  pretty soon cars will be driving themselves!  i love the digital jukebox - that thing can hold over 700 megabytes of music without having to plug in your mp3 playing or a cd!  you'll never have to worry about not having your favorite roadtrip songs again!

so kia, if you're reading this, pick me for your next scavenger hunt! maybe we could do it in someplace super rad, like san francisco or nashville?  and if you could have channing tatum or josh turner waiting at the finish line, that'd be even better. 

be sure to top by the Rio Explorer Page to learn more about the awesome & stylish 2012 kia rio!

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Michelle said...

All the cool kids drive Kia Rios! Some of us just happen to have little purple ones... :) (and it's amazing!)

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