tourist tuesdays: south korea with chelsea!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

hi guys! i'm excited to have a great guest blogger here today for tourist tuesdays.  i love reading all about all your favorite places around the world and i so enjoy lending my blog as a place for you travelers to do it.  i'm so happy to introduce you all to chelsea and have her share some of her favorite things about south korea!


Hey guys! I’m Chelsea and I blog over at Lost in Travels. I am so excited to be here on Kelsey’s blog today for Tourist Tuesdays! I currently live in South Korea with my husband where I teach adorable little Korean kids English. We decided to move to Korea soon after we got hitched and the call to travel and experience the world was greater than the call to settle down in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve been here for just under two years now and have loved the opportunity that we’ve had to live here and travel abroad. 

I realize that when you hear South Korea, it doesn’t exactly go straight on your vacation bucket list. But after living on a small island off the southern coast of Korea for the last two years, I’ve grown to love it. Korea has such beautiful scenery and the people really take advantage of this seeing as how the majority of the attractions are related to the outdoors. Some of my favorite things on the island are: 

Oedo Island: 
Oedo is an island that rests just off the coast of our island of Geoje. A husband and wife bought it years ago and turned it into one huge botanical garden that comes alive in the spring and summer. This is actually one of the few places my husband and I haven’t yet been to. We are patiently waiting for not only better weather (long boat ride plus windy island in the cold…no thanks) but also for my parents to come this spring since my mom is a slight flower nut. 

Yacht Club: 
Heading to the local yacht club has been one of our favorite past times when the weather is nice. You can rent day sailors for only $30/2 hours or kayaks for $15/2 hours. We’ve been sailing a few times but I’ve learned the hard way that only my husband should steer since every time I’ve tried, we’ve immediately gone overboard. I’ll sick with the kayaks, which is fine by me. We usually follow the coast and around the bend to a few untouched beaches and relax there before heading back. 

Windy Hill: 
Another popular spot on the island is called Windy Hill. It’s pretty self-explanatory from the name. It’s a huge hill that jets out into the ocean with a gorgeous windmill that sits upon it. We loved going out there because not only is the view of the windmill set against the backdrop of the ocean gorgeous but there are also beautiful jutting rocks and cliffs that surround that area that are great for some cliff jumping. 

Shabu shabu: 
Since we’ve lived in Korea, we have fallen in love with the local cuisine. Our favorite by far has been a dish called Shabu Shabu, translated it means ‘swish swish’. The server brings out a boiling pot of broth and sets it on a burner in the middle of the table. They then add various vegetables and bring out sides of raw meat, rice paper and vegetables. With chopsticks you pick up a piece of the raw meat and swish it in the boiling broth, which will cook it within seconds. You then add it to the rice paper, topping it off with one of the various sauces and other veggies, roll it up like a burrito and enjoy!  

Like I said before, we have loved living on our little island in Korea and look forward to possibly another year or two abroad and the adventures that it will inevitably bring. Stop by the blog and say hi, I would love to hear from you!


thanks so much for sharing, chelsea!
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Jess said...

I just moved back from South Korea in August, so this was super fun to read! Korea definitely is a hidden gem, most people have no idea the beauty and adventure that's just waiting there!

chestnutmocha said...

Ben taught in South Korea, too, and I came to visit him - it was so much fun! I came in April and everything was in bloom! I also loved their food, so gooooood :-)

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