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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

happy tuesday!! today i wanted to share some of my favorite links that i'm pretty sure could become some of your favorites as well.  i've been spending more time floating around the internet now that school has simmered down for winter break and i must say - it's nice to be back.  so take a little break from your day and explore some of these fantastic links.  they won't disappoint.  

seriously don't know how they came up with this, but 5 guys 1 guitar - somebody that i used to know is some fantastic shiz.  

and i'm sure you have seen the instagram parody from college humor but i must share it just in case you haven't because it's hilariously true.

adriana over at horses of ares is hosting a huge december group giveaway and i'm giving away a large ad spot and a super cute bauble bar necklace.  have you entered yet?

jenny shared her holiday home tour and omg is her house beautiful!  that girl's got some great taste!

i've always been a fan of thought catalog and their article "perfect sarcastic answers to the annoying questions your relatives always ask during the holidays" had me cracking up!

i will most definitely be making these merry cranberry margaritas for an upcoming christmas party! they sound and look delicious - plus, who doesn't love a little tequila?? (pictured above)

my new found obsession with olan rogers just has to be shared.  his custom tee shirts and sweat shirts are genius.  i'm the proud owner of this masterpiece and i cant wait to rock it for the holidays (and let's be real, all year long!) (pictured above)

lulu the baker got it right with these sweet oreo treats.  you can bet i will be whipping up some of these yummies in the next few days. 

what links are you loving today?  share them in the comments - i'd love to stumble across some more must see internet lovelies!

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Heart my Hart said...

5 guys 1 guitar... amazeballs!!!

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