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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

hi guys! today i have a great tourist tuesday post all about australia from an australia based rental car company.  now, i know most of you don't live in australia, but i thought it might be fun to dream a little bit this tourist tuesday.  australia is at the top of my must travel list and ive been itching to go explore down under since a couple of my friends studied abroad there.  reading about some cool places to check out just makes me want to go visit even more!  


How to Make the Most of Your Australian Adventure

There is no denying Australia is one of the most exciting and inspirational travel destinations any of us could ever wish to visit. At the same time, getting around such a huge country and being able to take in all of the great sights around Australia is a daunting task.

We looked at how to make sure you make the most of a trip to Australia, so that you visit all of the great locations, eat in amazing restaurants, and enjoy friendly and welcoming accommodation.

Pick Your Poison

Before you head to Australia, you quite simply have to have some idea of where you want to go and the places you want to see. If your trip Down Under is imminent, then you could perhaps use our suggestions as a guide. Ideally, you want to know where you’re going, where you’re staying, and where you plan to eat, but leave a little time in between everything so that you can do a little exploration of your own.

We decided to stick to the east coast, and have put together a simple itinerary based around a stay in Sydney before heading north to Brisbane.

In Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s biggest and most popular tourist city. There is so much to do inside and outside of the city that you are spoiled for choice. Check out Bondi Beach if you wish to, and perhaps even take in a surfing lesson, before heading west to the Blue Mountains.

Here, enjoy a guided tour of the area by an Aboriginal guide, and if you get the opportunity to eat ‘bush food’ or traditional fare, and camp overnight with a local tribe, we recommend you grab it with both hands.

If you head back into Sydney, stay at the ‘Wake Up!’ hotel. Although budget and no-frills, it is clean, comfortable, and in a great place in the centre of the city. Eat at Chat Thai on the edge of Thai Town, or find one of Sydney’s several Chinatown areas and find a great ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurant.

Travelling North

Campervan hire is a must for this trip. It is ‘only’ a ten hour drive, so achievable in a day, but that leaves no time for stopping off at great beaches or friendly villages on the way. Look to have a two or three day lease on a campervan so that you can explore the best coastline as well as the beautiful woodland a little further inland, with dozens of forests and national parks located along the route.

In Brisbane

When you get to Brisbane, your activities are likely to be all about the beach, so we’ll focus on the great places to stay and eat.

Situated in the centre of the city, ‘Bunk Backpackers’ is an amazing hostel offering free drinks and breakfast included in the price. If you are looking elsewhere, however, then Ortiga is a great Spanish restaurant that is nearby, and offers a range of menu options from cheap and cheerful – yet very tasty – up to gourmet and very expensive options.

Planning your Australian adventure is easy, and whether you are headed to Sydney and Brisbane or elsewhere in the country, it will help to make your trip easy and stress-free, giving you the time you need to relax and enjoy yourself.

This article is written by Transfercar, a car rental Australia service, providing travellers free transport for major cities in Australia.
This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated for posting this article.


Karrine Beasley said...

Definitely the more popular Aussie hot spots! But as an Australian myself, I wouldn't recommend Brisbane - Go for the Gold Coast instead, its close to Brissy but more coastal, laid back and a great time!!!
Kelsey, if you ever come to Aus, let me know and you've got a guaranteed personal tour guide!

emenchho said...

I loved the month I spent in Australia! I got to enjoy some of the more homey aspects because I spent a week of that time at home with my friends who live there, but I did all the touristy stuff too. I agree with Karrine...I went to Brisbane, but everybody there told me I should have done Gold Coast instead! ha I can't wait to go back and explore a few more spots that I learned about while there.

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