photo adventure // dana point harbor

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

the other day i wanted to practice shooting on manual since i haven't had a lot of time to take my camera out and really explore with it.  i headed out to dana point harbor and started snapping away, changing settings until i liked what i saw, and then changed them some more.  it was a gloomy afternoon, which made it a bit more challenging, but i'm happy with how some of my pictures turned out.  i still have a long way to go with this whole camera thing, but i'm learning more and more each time i take that baby out.  can't wait for my next photo adventure! 


Anna said...

Shooting on manual is always a fun but challenging experience. I almost always shoot on manual or landscape now - not even sure why DSLRs come with any other option! Your photos are great!

Gale said...

Oh my word, I am pretty sure that is the boat I attended a girl scout camp was sort of a reinactment (without the realistic clothes) of what it would be like to spend time on a old sailing ship). A lot of fun!

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