shake shack // crystal cove

Monday, July 1, 2013

on my last day off i decided to play hooky from any and all grown-up responsibilities and enjoy the beautiful weather.  i hopped in my car, rolled the windows down, turned the music up and headed up pch to laguna beach.  i stopped by the shake shack at crystal cove for lunch and to soak up a little sun.  i had never been to shake shack before and have always wanted to stop and try it.  it's owned by ruby's diner and is said to have great shakes and burgers.  i went with the vegwich and am happy i did because it was delicious.  the best part?  the view.  there is nothing better than enjoying a yummy lunch while looking at the ocean.  but next time, i'm getting a shake!

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Anonymous said...

Those photos are amazing -- especially the first!! & that sandwich makes me want K to get home so we can cook dinner soon!

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