a happy list

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

my dear friend ashley posts her happy lists from time to time and i thought it would be fun to post one too! so, here goes nothing!!

- having an annual pass for disneyland.  i've wanted one for years and i finally pulled the trigger last month.  since buying it on jan 9th, i've been 6 times!!  i love being able to just enjoy both parks without feeling rushed to get on as many rides as we can.  i even got to cross a few things off my disney bucket list, like eating at ariel's grotto and seeing world of color!

- the best of friends who you can stay up into the wee hours of the night trash talking about who ever and whatever you want to.  also, said friends who are the biggest supporters of anything i do.  i love you, peeps.  you know who you are.

- little paper straws with pink hearts on them and the giddiness that fills me when i think of what they will be used for!

- my new army jacket.  it's safe to say i'm in love.  don't be surprised if you see it around the blog and my instagram a lot from now on.

- being able to spend quality time with my mom and grandma.  it's so special and sometimes i take it for granted.  i'm lucky to still have my grandma and i want to take advantage of it to the best of my ability.

what's on your happiness list lately?


Ash said...

i LOVE this!!!!

and now we need a disney date!!!!! i guess, AFTER the little red heart straw date???


Anonymous said...

This is soo great! I love this idea!

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