adventure // supercross at angel stadium

Monday, February 10, 2014

a few weeks ago i experienced my first motocross race and let me tell you - it was nothing like i imagined it would be!!  the minute you walk into the stadium the smell of race gas hits you and you hear engines roaring and see dirt flying.  there are girls walking around in mini skirts and tank tops even though it's freezing cold, hanging on to the arm of a "bro".  it was quite the sight to see.

but the race? the race was thrilling!  we cheered on the racers we like and booed the ones we don't.  i don't know much about racing,  but from what i learned these guys are in fantastic shape!  talk about endurance - the final race was 20 laps!!  and these guys can really catch some air.  it didn't take long for me to get into the race and before i knew it i was yelling "fall! fall!" to the guy in whatever color jersey we wanted to fall.  who would have thought?  we had a blast and i can't wait until my next super cross adventure!

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Ash said...

FABULOUS photos! annnnd like i said, you need the bro hoe nails... not your "im from orange county and these dont even look like nails" nails..


love you hoe!

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