hello, i love you

Friday, February 7, 2014

there's something about an impromptu trip to palm springs with your best friend that does wonder for your soul.  maybe it's the gorgeous weather in the middle of winter, maybe it's the vibe you get when walking down the streets of downtown, or maybe it's just that you escaped the hustle and bustle of your usual routine for a day.  whatever it may be, i'm glad i have friends who i can share those types of days with.  and this friend, she's an extra special one.  

while we were in palm springs, ashley and i decided to check out the new hard rock hotel to see if it lived up to all the hype.  honestly, i was a bit disappointed.  maybe it's because we were there on a monday afternoon in the middle of january, but meh.  nothing extraordinary.  but, we did enjoy the funky decor and a delicious signature cocktail from our new bartender friend.  all in all, i think it's safe to say we had a pretty fantastic day.

ps. above the bar is a "hello, i love you" chandelier and when i become a millionaire, i'm getting the same one put in my house somewhere.  and that's a promise.

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