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Friday, March 21, 2014

happy friday, friends!  time for another happy list!  with march quickly coming to an end, there are some things that i can't help but look forward to and be happy about.  

- my 26th birthday (in 10 days! eee!) i think i'm looking forward to this birthday more than any of my other birthdays.  i feel like i'm in a great place with a lot of life changing things to look forward to this coming year.  sure, i may not be exactly where i want to be, but i know i'm on the right track and i'm happy about that.  that's pretty much all that matters to me.

- baseball season is just around the corner ... thank god!  i've missed my boys in blue - go dodgers!  i can't wait to kick off baseball season with the padres vs dodgers home opener in san diego the day before my birthday.  beer, baseball, and beautiful san diego weather - you can't beat that!

- one word: stagecoach!!!  it's a country music lovers dream.  my tickets came in the mail and made me even more excited for the ultimate redneck weekend.  

- my friends are seriously the best.  i'm so lucky to have some of the kindest, genuine and thoughtful friends around.  random texts about anything and everything, late nights laughing about nothing, and sharing our triumphs and defeats with each other.  oh, and you can't forget about the crazy snapchat wars!

- also... date nights, trying new restaurants, sunday fundays at the pool, bottomless margaritas, surprises, 50/50 burgers, the voice, hair cuts, sunset wine cruises, march madness, new bathing suits, feeling special, daylight savings, happy hours, and much, much more!

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Ash said...

this happy list makes ME so happy dude! same with seeing your face!!!!


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