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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey hey hey!  I can't believe it's already half way through September, where has this month gone?  Although technically it is fall, the weather here is still trying to hold on to summer, death grip style.  This summer was a bit of a whirlwind for me and although it was fun, it was stressful and full of to-do lists.  Which got me thinking of my Summer Bucket List and hoping that I was able to complete most of the things I put on there.  Anything I didn't can roll-over to the fall, right?

As of August 1st, I had crossed off 11 out of 30 things on my list.  Now I'm at 20 out of 30 - not too bad for a crazy productive summer I had.  And some of the things weren't even possible, so I don't feel so bad not getting to cross them off.

Plus, I'm starting a new one for the rest of the year.  A "Goodbye 2011 Bucket List" - everything you want to accomplish before the year is over.  Wanna join?  Start thinking of your bucket list this weekend and I'll have a link up ready on Monday!!

My Summer Bucket List (as of 9/15/11)

1. Host a cocktail and hor d'oeuvres night at my apartment for my girl friends.
2. Meet up with a friend at least once a week for lunch. (reunited with old friends when I moved back home, good times)
3. Find a full time job. (6.7.11 - have 3 jobs which equals a full time job!)  (8.1.11 - no job since I moved home) (as of 8.23 i've been working full time - for target!)
4. Take a summer school class. (enrolled in classes for the fall, to me that counts!)
5. Get back into photography. (& currently saving for a new fancy cam!)
6. Go camping.
7. Go to a Padres game and buy the cheap seats & bring dinner.
8. Day trip to LA.
9. Weekend trip to Santa Barbara.
10. Find a class at the gym I love and never miss it.
11. Go for a bike ride on the beach. (my bikes gone, so walking will have to do!)
12. Clean out my room and get rid of things I don't use / need.
13. Go for a picnic in Balboa Park. (picnic @ a park back home, since I'm not in SD!)
14. Explore the San Diego neighborhoods.
15. Have a movie night full of chick flicks.
16. Learn to cook a new favorite meal.
17. Use my crock pot.
18. Buy a blender and make delicious fresh fruit smoothies.
19. Get a tan.
20. Enjoy being single & minglin'.
21. Visit at least one museum in Balboa Park.
22. See a play or musical.
23. Paint my nails every week. (painted them almost every week)
24. Visit my parents twice a month. (moved home so I see them every day!)
25. Explore a new brewery (or two). (didn't go to a new one, but went to one I hadn't been to in a long time, good enough!)
26. Go see a concert. (Doobie Brothers, Young the Giant)
27. Go to the beach and get in the water.
28. Go line dancing at Incahoots.
29. Take a trip to Laguna Beach with my mom and go to the Sawdust Festival.
30. Visit my family in Redlands and Long Beach for a weekend.

Did you cross off everything on your Summer Bucket List?
What kinds of things would you put on your Goodbye 2011 Bucket List?  
Be ready to link-up on Monday!!

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Olivia.Dee said...

since the end of 2011 is jampacked with school for me... my bucket list consists of one thing *pass all classes* :]

and ummm... i totally want to go line dancing at InCahoots. I've never been in the 5 years I've lived here!

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