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Monday, October 31, 2011

As I was watching "The Ugly Truth" last night I thought about how fun it would be to write a post about guys since I'm sure I'm not the only girl who finds herself wondering "what the heck is he thinking?" or "why are guys so complicated?"  So I turned to some of my guy friends and asked, "if there was one thing you wish every girl knew about men, what would it be?"  Here you go ladies - a little peak into the minds of the men of the world.  We've got some real winning answers in here - ha!

"Women are the basis to 90% of all our decisions we make." - Danny, 24, Tax Consultant 

"My mom will always come first." - Mark, 22, Sea World Visual Production

"We aren't as tough as we appear to be." - Andrew, 21, Student

"Video games are not bad, or a waste of time." - Matt, 24, Wealth Manager

"That small insecurity you have doesn't really bother us, at the end of the day, we're together and thats all that matters." - Eddie, 23, Chef

"We don't all think the same way." - Collin, 25, Bartender

"We actually like the imperfections." - Kyle, 23, Manager

"It's not always about getting into your pants. Sometimes we just want to talk and have a conversation and get to know you. But when you act like a bitch, it's a turnoff and any thoughts of actually getting to know you are gone." - Kevin, 22, Student

"Don't change yourself to try and change a man, let him be changed by who u are." - Timothy, 22, Graduate Student

"When we ask a question we want an answer, not another question." - Brian, 30, Accountant

"Food on the table when I get home is an easy way to my heart and open wallet." - Jason, 28, Restaurant Manager

"Be honest and don't play games.  If you like a guy, or have something to say, just say it.  Because if we find out some other way, it's going to annoy us.  Oh, and we actually do care about how we look just as much as you do." - Kyle, 25, Camp Director

"Men dont want the girl to agree with every decision we make. I like a girl that can stand her own ground and be independent. If you make it too easy for me I'm gonna be over it in a matter of weeks" - George, 23, Personal Banker


alyssa said...

what good advice/reminders! (& reassuring, as well!)


Olivia.Dee said...

LOVE IT!!! such words of wisdom from the men-folk.

Sar said...

"But when you act like a bitch, it's a turnoff and any thoughts of actually getting to know you are gone." Wow, Kevin sounds like a charmer.



whitney said...

such a cute idea for a post!

guys are just something i will never figure out! :)


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