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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i always find it hard to buy for guys.  clothes and video games can get boring year after year, and there's only so many concerts or sports games that go on during the holiday season.  i decided to do a little research on a few of my favorite guy sites to see just what was all the talk for this christmas.  out of the hundreds of crazy gadgets and gizmos, here are a few of my favorites that are sure to make a statement in your honey's stocking come christmas morning. 

collapsable shot glass flask is perfect for any man who loves to bring the party with him wherever he goes!  taking shots is much better than sipping out of a flask - an manlier too!  at only $25 it's the perfect stocking stuffer for the life of the party!

got a sports fan on your hands? this deuce brand personalized sports team watch is the perfect game day accessory for any man.  pick from a variety of colleges, professional teams and even players.  ranging from $20 - $35 you'll have no problem finding a perfect fit for your star athlete.

how about something for your working man?  a usb desk refrigerator perhaps?  now he can keep his drinks cool at his desk by plugging in this ultra mini fridge!  and at $40 it will save many trips to vending machine (and wallet). 

does your guy love to cook?  or do you wish he did?  what better way to get him into cooking (or cooking more) than with what the f should i make for dinner? cookbook.  this cookbook is hilarious and is aimed directly at men.  it's filled with lots of curse words and yummy dishes!  only $11.

love sushi? hate chopsticks?  well there's an answer for that! forkchops 3-in-1 utensils will solve all those problems.  at only $6 they are the perfect stocking stuffer & will hopefully lead to more exotic date nights!

need a gift for your manly man? how about 101 whiskies to try before you die!?  there's nothing wrong with having some good quality whiskey around the house.  $14 on amazon.

looking for something unique for your golfer guy? try quick spikes golf spikes.  whether your man is you’re just being dragged onto the green by his client or he's not feeling the style of golf shoes, quick spikes are the perfect gift. at only $15 they make for affordable wearable studs that he can put on any shoes.

and how about for your tech lover?  why not stuff a pivot power mini portable power into his stocking this year?  this little thing packs a powerful punch - it can transform a single socket into four fabulous features.  it's compact, collapsible design delivers two grounded outlets and two USB ports. $25  

for your handy man, how about a hammer beer opener?  that way, when he's done being mr. fix it, he can pop open a cold one without having to look to far for an opener.  nothing makes a man happier than some dirty work and an ice cold beer.  it's a man thing.  $8 on amazon

and for your music lover, the go anywhere MP3 speakers are the perfect gift.  these speakers let you bring music anywhere and what they sacrifice in size, they are sure to make up in sound!  want more impromptu dance parties with your honey?  look no further! $29 


Treasure Tromp said...

that whisky book is great!

Kym said...

LOL I am soooo buying that What The F Should I Make For Dinner Book ---- I just had a convo with TJ last night that he needs to start making dinner and his response was "well, I'd need to find a recipe." DUH. Boom, his Christmas present is being purchased right now. Thanks missy and I hope all is well! xoxo

Helene said...

love your cool blog!!! and these are great ideas!
Helene in Between

Daliene said...

I WANT that USB mini fridge. I'm a teacher and I hate having to put my lunch in the scary cave-like lounge fridge. lol
I might have to add this to my pinterest wish-list. Now if I could just get my boyfriend to look at pinterest! :)

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