hello, december!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

oh december, i'm so glad you are here.  i love the cooler weather, the rain and the foggy coastline you've brought with you.  not to mention all the twinkle lights, festive ribbons and tress in windows that are showing up more and more now that you are here.  do me a favor though, please don't go by as fast as the past few months have - i'd love it if you would stay around for awhile.  

here are some things i'm looking forward to and loving about december. 

peppermint white chocolate mochas - wrapping presents - twinkle lights - my brother coming home for christmas! - time in the desert - seeing family - scarves - hot chocolate - how the grinch stole christmas - jingle bells - spending time with loved ones - a girls weekend - christmas carols - popcorn by the fire place - sugar cookies - snuggles on the couch - gift giving - my nutcracker collection - boots - a potential trip to the snow - warm and fuzzies - christmas eve traditions - caramelized walnuts - santa claus - peppermint everything - the feeling of the holidays.

what are you loving about december?


Olivia Ramirez said...

ummm... i love everything about that list. so i'm going to go ahead and just give you one big 'ol DITTO!


Blue Dog Belle said...

So excited for Christmas time :)

xo, Emily

Ash said...

im going to have to agree with olivia (;

Treasure Tromp said...

loving this all!

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