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Thursday, September 19, 2013

hey there!  if you follow along with my adventures on instagram (@kelsey_kayy) then you know that two weeks ago my doctor told me that i need to cut out all gluten and dairy from my diet in order to eliminate many of my, what i thought were, symptoms that would never go away.  

honestly, as happy as i was to find out that i could actually live a healthy life, i was scared of the fact that i had to start seriously watching what i eat.  no gluten, no dairy.  that's not an easy task to be faced with.  i knew that there are a lot of great gluten free options in the stores these days, so i wasn't as flustered about that aspect.  but dairy?  that was the kicker.  that's the one that really worried me.

well, i'm happy to announce that i have survived the first two weeks.  i can't say i've been 100% perfect, because i haven't.  but, i'm trying really hard to stick to this new way of life.  i've lost 13 pounds and feel great.  not only do i feel great because of the weight i have lost, but i feel healthier.  i feel lighter, less bloated, clearer minded and have more energy.  i'm so excited to keep up this lifestyle and transform into a healthier and happier person.  cheers to this new life of mine, and cheers to a new & improved me!!

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BKCsquared said...

I saw that on your Instagram!! So happy for you!! It must be SO hard to stick by it, so I'm rooting for you!

xo, B

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