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Monday, September 23, 2013

labor day weekend i had the opportunity to head up to hollywood and see john williams and the la philharmonic play at the hollywood bowl.  john williams is a fantastic conductor who has done the scores to all of the steven spielberg movies.  talk about epic! every summer he puts on a concert with the la philharmonic orchestra, one of the premier orchestras around.  he plays songs from the movies he is most well known for; indiana jones, lincoln, e.t. and star wars, to name a few.

the coolest part of the whole thing?  the hollywood bowl.  that place is awesome.  i had never been to the bowl before and i was in awe the minute we walked in.  we had great seats in one of the boxes, pretty much dead center! you can bring in picnics and beverages or you can order dinner from the bowl and enjoy food before the show.  

the night we went was a warm one, so we sipped on some crisp white wine as we enjoyed the show.  it was so relaxing, being under the starts listening to all the movie songs you know be played by an unbelievably talented orchestra.  it was definitely a night to remember.  

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BKCsquared said...

How fun!! K & I have been wanting to go to the Hollywood Bowl!! We'll have to buy tickets next summer!

xo, B

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